Cream chargers & Molecular Gastronomy

If there was ever a move away from real food, then the world of cream chargers and molecular gastronomy has to be about as far removed as you can get.

Perhaps you can lay this at the feet of Heston and his crazy food series, perhaps it is just a convenience thing – after all if you focus on the fantastic then everything else seems a bit dull! I went for a meal recently and the “Espuma” created with the whipped cream chargers was more chemical than real – was it even food or just a dollop of nitrous oxide puffed flavour?

Somehow the likes of Heston and his Fat Duck have mnaged to combine a love of real food and the science of molecular gastronomy… but how does that actually translate to the man i the street? Are they going to appreciate the sophisticated gastronomy as an art? or are they going to simply look at the bangs and flashes and pretty colours? The companies such as molecule-r with their gastronomy sets and molecular syphon kit (basically a whipped cream dispenser, nitrous oxide and a bunch of chemical powders).

cream chargers molecular gastronomy
cream chargers molecular gastronomy

It puts me in mind of the modern idea of TV dinners, at the time it was all very hi-tech and the inventors put a great deal effort into makig them with real food. However, the consumers skipped the food part and loved the technology.. perhaps the same will happen with the world of molecular gastronomy, it will become mainstream … but perhaps the only thing left as it enters the “normal” households will be the assorted chemicals?